Meet the 2015-16 Cardin Chair

Professor Patricia Bizzell named Loyola University Maryland’s 2015-16 Cardin Chair for the writing department

September 3, 2015

Patricia Bizzell, Ph.D, the 2015-16 Cardin Chair, is no stranger to Jesuit education. Bizzell is an English professor at a fellow Jesuit institution, the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. She moved to Baltimore in August with her husband to begin her role as Cardin Chair for the writing department at Loyola University Maryland.

During her year-long assignment, Bizzell will be teaching two courses. In the fall she’ll be teaching a capstone course for senior writing majors that will be much like a reading club. Bizzell has a selected a variety of fiction and non-fiction for her capstone students to read, discuss, and reflect on. In the spring she will teach a public speaking writing course.

As an expert in rhetoric and composition, Bizzell is also looking for ways to be of use across the curriculum.

“I would like to be helpful to people teaching writing across the curriculum. I don’t have all the answers, but I have a lot of experienceI’ve been in the field a long time. So, I’d like to find some way to help faculty across the University,” she said.

Bizzell received her Ph.D. in English literature from Rutgers University in 1975, before starting her teaching career at Holy Cross in 1978. Her most recent degree is a master’s in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College. Her scholarship has taken many different directions over the years, including research in rhetoric and religion, but her motivation has always been teaching and helping students.

This passion started in graduate school. At Rutgers, Bizzell was a teaching assistant in a course called Remedial Composition. With no prior teaching experience, she was thrown into the classroom with, supposedly, the weakest freshmen writers at the University.

“I cared about them, and I wanted to be helpful to them. That was truly my initial motivation for studying composition̶̶learning to help my students,” she said.

And she’s hoping she can be helpful to Loyola, too.

“It’s a great honor to be given this position. I’m thrilled that Loyola selected me.”

Bizzell and her husband have enjoyed exploring Baltimore since they arrived.

“It really is the Charm City, as far as I can see,” she said.

The first place Bizzell and her husband discovered was the American Visionary Art Museum. And she’ll be back to see it again. The couple also saw the Orioles play at Camden Yards. Their bucket list for their time in Baltimore includes a visit to The Walters Art Museum and getting tickets to a Ravens game this season.

“I’m a football fan, a Patriots fan. I have a bumper sticker on the back of my car with the old-fashioned logo. I’m hoping no one recognizes it and deflates my tires! As long as the Ravens aren’t playing the Patriots, I’ll root for the Ravens.”

About the Cardin Chair

The Cardin Chair and Jerome S. Cardin Lecture were established in 1984 by Jerome S. Cardin, Esq. The chair, a professorship dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the Judeo-Christian tradition across the humanities, was the first endowed chair in the humanities at Loyola College. The chair is filled bi-annually, on a rotating basis, by a department in the Humanities.

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