Psy.D. Turns 20

Loyola's Celebrates Two Decades of Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Program

By Matthew Kirkhart, Ph.D., psychology department chair, and Traci Martino, director of program operations  |  Photos courtesy of Traci Martino

For two decades, Loyola University Maryland has been educating clinical psychologists in the Jesuit tradition.

Loyola’s Psy.D. Program employs a unique, service-oriented educational method and trains doctoral students to become innovators and leaders capable of meeting the evolving demands of mental health service providers.

Current and former students, faculty, and other members of the community celebrated this milestone anniversary with a two-day event in October on the Evergreen campus, featuring a keynote speaker, opportunities to connect and network, and a celebratory reception and dinner.


Drs. Jon Gorman, Sarah Gorman, Sarah Murphy-Bowman, Sylvia Hanna, Kate Schrumpf, Melinda Capaldi, and Ali Kaufman


Dr. Jeffrey Barnett, associate dean, with Drs. Sahar Moise and David Essien, and Sarah Pargan, a graduate of the master’s program


Drs. Lauren Chandler and Tiffany Garner


Dr. Frank Golom, faculty member in Loyola’s psychology department, with Dr. Amy Wolfson, vice president for academic affairs and Dr. Amanda Thomas, dean of Loyola College


Drs. Amy Athey, Amy Provan, Stephanie Bunin, Karen Eberwein, and Nicole Ryan


Drs. Jennie Gelfand, Jennifer Kainatsky, and Cara Jacobson


Dr. Angelita Yu, faculty member of the psychology department and supervisor at the Loyola Clinical Centers, provides a free Continuing Education event to alumni and other professionals in the community


Drs. Shawn Whooley, Kristen Reese, and Gina Basey


Drs. Nancy Fiorentino, Shreya Hessler, Colleen Spada, Erin Stoll, Vicky, Eyler, Cindy Eaves, Kevin Brady, with Drs. Jeffrey Lating and Matthew Kirkhart, faculty members in Loyola’s psychology department


Drs. Tara Simpson, Karin Walsh, Anjeli Inscore, Gwyn Girard, Emily Ptaszek, Shreya Hessler, and Nancy Fiorentino



Dr. Heather Lyons, director of clinical training for the Psy.D. Program, introducing the alumni award winners


Dr. Matthew Kirkhart, chair of the department of psychology, and Dr. Steve Sobelman, professor emeritus of psychology; Dr. Sobelman provided remarks to the alumni about the history of the Psy.D. Program, from being an aspiration to a reality.


Dr. Emily Ptaszek, recipient of the First Alumni Award for Leadership


Dr. Caitlin Dunning and Dr. Jeffrey Lating, who was recognized during the event for his 13 years as director of clinical training for the Psy.D. Program


Traci Martino, director of program operations, celebrates her 15 years at Loyola this year (and the Psy.D. Program could not have functioned over those years without her).


Drs. Sarah Murphy-Bowman, Justin Chen, Kate Schrumpf, and Sylvia Hanna.

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