Going to the Chapel

  |  Photographs by Maria Linz, \'05

As a photographer whose business is scheduled to shoot 56 weddings this year, Maria Linz, ’05, is always looking for a new visual perspective on longstanding wedding traditions. After attending so many weddings—including several nuptial Masses in Loyola’s Alumni Memorial Chapel—Linz understands the importance of her approach to her role behind the camera on the bride and groom’s day.

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“My role is just a small part of the whole celebration. I want to capture the spirit of the couple and the moments that make their wedding special, but I want to make sure they are able to enjoy themselves and experience it,” said Linz, who lives in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood. “On the wedding day, my adrenaline takes over. It’s my job to make sure things move along smoothly and to help the bride and groom feel comfortable and have fun with their photos.”

Linz attributes her love of photography to Dan Schlapbach, associate professor of fine arts. “His passion for photography was contagious. I found an excitement and challenge in making photos that continues to inspire me today. Linz, who earned her bachelor’s degree in advertising, has always enjoyed getting to know brides and grooms through the lens. “I realize that I get to spend time with these couples on their best day, in the middle of one of their happiest moments. I love being a part of it and being able to capture their memories.”

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