A Little Something

Each year, a former Greyhounds star’s wife compiles a memorable gift

By Bo Schwerin  |  Photograph by David Rehor
Robin and Paul Dodd

When Robin Dodd first met her husband, something about him seemed familiar. As she tried to recall what it was, she remembered a neighbor’s house from her childhood, where a group of local guys gathered to shoot hoops on the weekends. When she thought of those neighborhood regulars, she suddenly recognized the man before her. It turns out this wasn’t the first time they had met.

“I think I know you,” she told him. His name was Paul Dodd, ’57. They started talking about the old friends who used to play ball at that neighborhood hangout. Three years later, they were married.

When Paul reentered Robin’s life in 1977, basketball became an integral part of her days. Paul had been a star player on the Loyola squad. Greyhounds basketball was his passion.

“When you met Paul, you knew Loyola was going to be a part of your life,” Robin says.

Robin always had a love for sports—she grew up in an athletic family—and Paul’s Greyhounds were the perfect fit. Even when they were dating, the couple attended every Loyola basketball game they could. Paul had scrapbooks detailing his basketball heroics at the University—the Loyola Hall of Famer is one of only four Greyhounds to have scored 40 or more points in a game and still holds the individual game record for most field goals made. Robin noted how important the keepsakes were to her husband and decided the Loyola players she followed on the court would enjoy something similar. She began making scrapbooks and presenting them to one player every season. What started as “a little something” for the players has become a tradition so long that, well, Robin can’t remember when she started.

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