Supreme Art: Alumni Share Stories of Faculty Who Shaped Their Lives

By Magazine Staff  |  Photos by Cory Donovan

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
–Albert Einstein

They ignite and inspire.

They challenge and cultivate minds.

They teach and tease.

They make students laugh at their jokes and groan at the amount of homework.

They enlist students as research partners and intellectual opponents.

They open minds and doors.

For decades and generations, Loyola professors have been awakening their students’ curiosity and helping them discover their future paths.

And long after students pack up their degrees and head out into the world, they remember that one professor—or two or three—who made a difference in their lives.

Loyola magazine invited readers to share the stories of the faculty members who influenced their personal and professional journeys…

Energized about Business: Dan Nieves, ’10, on Roger Kashlak, Ph.D.

Lunch Bunch: “Pursuit of Happiness” alumni and Thomas Scheye, Ph.D., meet to exchange memories

A Personal Odyssey: Matthew Lehr, ’80, on Thomas Scheye, Ph.D.

Name That Mathematician: Matthew McCullen, ’99, on George Mackiw, Ph.D.

Time for Thankfulness: Stephanie Thomas, M.S. ’09, on Kelly Murray, Ph.D., Ralph Piedmont, Ph.D., and Bob Wicks, Psy.D.

Can’t Just Pick One: Teresa Waldman Wilkins, ’81, M.A. ’90, M.S. ’09, on Sharon Cheston, Ed.D., and Ralph Piedmont, Ph.D.

Fast Cars and Friendship: Stacey Watts Ambuehl, ’05, on Robert Pond, Ph.D.

Changing Horizons: Awais Akbar, MBA ’08, on Harsha Desai, Ph.D.

A Leap of Faith: A Letter from Roger D. Phillips, Ph.D., on Faith Gilroy, Ph.D.

A Chemical Reaction: Leonard Andrews, ’66, Ph.D., on Melvin Miller, ’57, Ph.D.

Accounting for Humor: Bob Zgorski, ’74, on Jim “Buzz” Borra

Channeling Castellan: Lauren Bivona, ’08, on Catherine Castellan, Ph.D.

International Call: B. Scott Holloway, Jr., ’02, on Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Ph.D., and Rev. Frank Nash, S.J.

The Thai that Binds: 2001 Thailand trip with Rev. Frank Nash, S.J.

Teaching As an Art: A Letter from Mary Horenkamp, ’85, on Mary Atherton, MFA

Hallelujah with Hans, Laughs with Brunett: Mark Lee, ’91, on Hans Mair, Ph.D., and Rev. John Brunett, S.J.

Speaking out: Justine Saccardi Kahn, ’02, M.S. ’04, on Lura Haynie Vogelman, M.S. ’87

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