Energized about Business: On Roger Kashlak, Ph.D.

Dan Nieves, ’10, on Roger Kashlak, Ph.D.

By Magazine Staff  |  Photo by Cory Donovan
Kashlak and Nieves

When Dan Nieves, ’10, started as a first-year student, he had no idea what he wanted to do.

“I had six different ideas of what sounded like it could be cool,” he said. By the end of his first year, he knew he wanted to major in international business—and study abroad.

Who helped him find that path? Roger Kashlak, Ph.D., professor of management and international business. Nieves first met Kashlak when the professor of his Introduction to Global Social Entrepreneurship course fell ill, and Kashlak stepped in. Kashlak also became Nieves’ advisor—and mentor.

“Out of all the professors that I’ve had at Loyola, I don’t think anyone brings more energy to the classroom,” Nieves said. “I’ve had him for an 8 a.m. class or two o’clock in the afternoon. Regardless of the time of day, he brings so much energy to the topic. It’s hard not to get excited when someone else brings that level of energy.”

Nieves went on to spend a semester in Spain and add a minor in Spanish. Today he does technology consulting for Deloitte in Washington, D.C.—and exchanges emails and comes to Baltimore for occasional dinners with his former professor.

“He’s done so many great things that he’s able to help with so many different situations. His ability to take all his experiences across the spectrum was just invaluable,” said Nieves.

“Dr. K. took a personal, vested interest in my development at Loyola and where I went afterwards. He makes that level of investment in his students’ time. He was so focused on making sure that I was on the path to accomplish the things that I wanted to do, and to go the places that I wanted to go.”

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