International Call: On Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Ph.D., and Rev. Frank Nash, S.J.

B. Scott Holloway, Jr., ′02, on Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Ph.D., and Rev. Frank Nash, S.J.

By Magazine Staff  |  Photos courtesy of B. Scott Holloway, Jr.

One of the phones on his office desk has a Philadelphia area code. But if you want to call B. Scott Holloway, Jr., ’02, at work, keep in mind that he’s in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, and there’s a significant time difference.

Holloway has been living in Asia for nearly 10 years, managing the purchasing office for Josam Company, a U.S. firm that manufactures plumbing and drainage products and sells them worldwide. He loves his work, and he loves China—“just the culture, the energy, the people, the business, the development, the constant change,” he said.

He credits Rev. Frank Nash, S.J., and his junior year study abroad in Thailand with planting the seed that grew into a life in China. And he credits Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Ph.D., professor emeritus of management and international business, with awakening his interest in a career that involved working overseas.

“Hearing about some of the experiences Dr. Sagafi-nejad had at the U.N. and his international work, between that and Thailand, I just knew I wanted to do international business,” said Holloway. At Loyola he majored in inter-national business and was president of the International Business Club. Sagafi-nejad start-ed both the major and the club during Holloway’s time at Loyola.

When Holloway graduated, jobs were scarce, so he went to Thailand to teach English for two years.

“Fr. Nash was really an amazing person. He just opened my eyes up to the world. He was a great
human being to talk with, offered so much guidance and was just absolutely knowledgeable about so many things. As a priest, he was a great personal and spiritual counselor, as well,” said Holloway, who is now a competent Mandarin speaker. “I liked Thailand so much it turned into a career for me that has me now living in China and requires travel all over Asia and the world.”

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