Bottle of Red, Bottle of White

By Magazine Staff

From age 5, Brianna Rycyk knew she wanted to be a lawyer.

When she graduated from Loyola in 2007 with a history and political science degree, she took a job as a paralegal for a law firm in downtown Manhattan.

She hated it.

She switched to advertising, but she was still restless.

On a visit to California, she went to visit a winery and fell into conversation with the owner. He offered to get her an interview with his distributor in New York and Rycyk got the job.

For the past two years she has worked as sales partner for Verity Wine Partners, a distributor carrying more than 1,000 wines from around the world.

She drives around Brooklyn and pulls a wheeled bag full of wine samples around the streets of Manhattan, meeting with clients.

“I’ve always been so intrigued by wine. Part of it is because of my interest in history, because the two are so linked,” said Rycyk, who lives in Stamford, Conn.

“You can have the exact same grape grown in two different places, make the wine the same way, and it can taste completely different.”

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