Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Loose Cannon

By Magazine Staff  |  Photos by Malia Leary

When Terry Moran needed to fulfill an internship credit for his business degree, he found a summer internship at Heavy Seas Beer. By the time Moran graduated in 2010, he had secured a full-time job for the brewery, which sells beer in 19 states. Today he’s the sales manager for the Maryland territory.

It was after her study abroad experience in Belgium that Jenn Ladd, ’11, became curious about craft beer.

While working as a freelance writer after graduation, she wrote a cover story on Heavy Seas founder Hugh Sisson for City Paper. That story planted the seed for the English major to land her job as electronic media coordinator.

Now the two Loyola graduates are working for the Halethorpe, Md.,-based brewery, where the most popular beer is Loose Cannon. They have both tried their hand at brewing, though that’s not part of their current job descriptions.

“A lot of people think of brewing as very creative because they think of home brewing, but it’s really very scientific,” said Ladd, who came to Loyola from Elkins Park, Pa. Scooping hops out of a cardboard box one recent morning, she lifted them up to smell them. “They say that aroma is 90 percent of taste. I don’t know if I believe it. That seems like a lot. But it’s important.”

Also important were the Web and writing skills Ladd received at Loyola and the networking Moran can do in his sales work because of his Loyola degree. “I use the Loyola connection all the time,” said the Providence, R.I., native. As Heavy Seas acquires a 15,000-square-foot addition to its facility, his sales work is especially important. “Just as important as who’s buying your beer is who’s not buying your beer.”

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