Designs by Adrienne

By Rita Buettner  |  Photos courtesy of Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano

Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano, ’97, was an oil painter until she took a jewelry-making class 13 years ago. “I just sort of fell into it,” she says.

Now she has found her passion is making jewelry and metalsmithing in her home studio, working with brass and copper, but primarily sterling.

“Part of it might just be my fondness for doing things in detail. It also requires a lot of patience. I savor the time I can spend in the studio outside of my full-time job and can focus on my work,” said Neszmelyi-Romano, who works at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pa. “I  love the building and the construction process from a simple sheet of metal to a three-dimensional object.”

At Loyola, Neszmelyi-Romano started as a biology major before changing to a major in studio art with a French minor. “That was really where my heart was,” she says. After graduating from Loyola, she pursued a master’s in art education.

Today, Neszmelyi-Romano and her husband, Michael Romano, ’97, live in North Wales, Pa., and spend time traveling, where the artist finds inspiration for her work. She also finds inspiration from organic forms found in nature, such as natural river stones.

“I made this one set of salt and pepper shakers after we traveled to Spain, and the pattern I etched on it was the pattern we found on the Alhambra,” said Neszmelyi-Romano, who also teaches jewelry and metalsmithing at the Wayne Art Center. “Usually I’ll sketch out designs, and I’ll have one idea in my head, but then sometimes when I’m halfway through, I might alter it.”

Designs by Adrienne
North Wales, Pa.
Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano, ’97,
Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith

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