Loyola magazine’s top 10 hits of 2012—according to you

By Rita Buettner

The story about this photo taken by Amanda Keanna, '14, made the list, but it was not No. 1.

As we reflect on the past year for Loyola University Maryland, we decided to look back and see which online Loyola magazine stories were most popular.

We assumed that lacrosse and basketball would make the list of the top 10 stories, but they didn’t—most likely because you could read about our Greyhounds on so many other national media sites. And we were right there with you, poring over every word about the teams that threw Loyola into the spotlight.

The list of the top 10 stories from the year made us say, “Oh, yeah. That makes sense,” more than a few times, but there were also some surprises.

See if your favorite story made the list:

10. In this story, published in our December 2011 print issue, we interviewed a Jesuit many of our readers know and love.

9. Here we introduced our readers to a student whose lens captured her a $5,000 prize.

8. This piece, featuring one of our MBA graduates, was heartwarming and literally fuzzy.

7. This essay by a 1962 grad was written for our April 2010 issue, but it’s still selling like peanuts and Crackerjack in 2012.

6. Up on the rooftop the reindeer pause for these Greyhound gifts in Santa’s sleigh.

5. This story commemorated a 1995 graduate who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

4. In this article readers met a Loyola senior with an unusual…talent.

3. Say “Ni hao” to this Fulbright winner.

"Orioles Magis" was the best-read online magazine story during 2012. Photo by Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles.

2. Talk about a rebirth. This story set a Loyola magazine record for the number of people who clicked “like” and wrote enthusiastic comments to the two alumni featured.

1. And rising to the No. 1 spot for the year was a story even the most optimistic Orioles fans didn’t see coming as we welcomed the new year back in January.

How many of those stories did you read this year? And here’s the more important question: Which story would you like to see in Loyola magazine in 2013?

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