From the mailbag: My grandfather’s Loyola sweater

By Brigid Hamilton  |  Photos courtesy of Ed Kimmerlein

The other day a Loyola dad wrote to share historic photos of Loyola’s Evergreen campus and academic buildings, and some stories.

Ed Kimmerlein, father of Ryan Kimmerlein, a first-year student, comes from a family of Greyhounds that spans three generations.

“My sisters Cathy and Anne graduated in 1989 and 1991, and my father, George Kimmerlein, was an extremely proud and loyal 1952 graduate,” Kimmerlein wrote.

“My son Ryan has his letter sweater with him on campus now!”

Ryan Kimmerlein, ’18, wearing his grandfather’s letter sweater. Ryan’s grandfather graduated from Loyola in 1952.

The other photos Kimmerlein sent are nearly a century old.

“My grandmother on my mother’s side, Evelyn Horrigan Griffith, worked at the Evergreen House during World War I,” he wrote.

“She always told us stories of how it was used as a hospital for the soldiers who were blinded in the war—’the boys,’ as she used to call them.”

The picture below, taken in March 1919, shows soldiers at Evergreen House, or what Evelyn called in her captions on the back of the photos “Evergreen Hospital.”

Evelyn’s captions tell us the picture above shows “Mrs. Wainwright with a cup presented to her by the blind boys of Evergreen” for her service and care. Some of her patients, young soldiers, appear to her right in front of “the Red Cross House” (what we know today as Ignatius House).

Check out the old bird bath and the buggy parked outside Ignatius House (above)!

The script on the back of this photo of the Quad and Humanities Center reads: “Retreat, Evergreen. Mar. 30, 1919.”

“When we took Ryan to visit Loyola last spring, it was my first time back on campus in a very long time. I looked at the Humanities Center, and for the first time recognized it from the old photo,” Kimmerlein said.



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