The Holly and the Ivy

Peter Bieneman, ’90, knows his trees

By Magazine staff  |  Photos by LaKaye Mbah
Bieneman watering plants

Job: General manager, Green Fields Nursery, Baltimore

The day Green Fields sells the most Christmas trees: Christmas Eve

He once sold a Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day. He happened to be there when a man stopped by to buy a tree for his mother. The nursery wasn’t technically open, but Bieneman sold him the tree anyway.

One popular holiday service: They deliver and set up Christmas trees.

Major at Loyola: Communication

He started working at Green Fields while he was still a student at Loyola.

Loyola grads in the family tree: His father, Robert Bieneman, ’50; sisters Maria Bieneman, ’70, M.S.’71, and Joan Bieneman Shutinya, ’75; brothers, Matthew Bieneman, ’77, Chris Bieneman, ’86 , niece Rebecca Bieneman, ’03 (married to William Law, ’03).

He is the youngest of 11 children.

The Internet has changed how they do business. “It’s almost eliminated the need for brokers. I can order things instantaneously. I don’t need that middle man anymore.”

He has watched the landscape industry change in the last 20 years. “Plants have gotten more branded. You don’t just have a blue hydrangea. You have an Endless Summer hydrangea. Everybody knows Miracle-Gro.”

Some things don’t change: “Our business is very service-oriented. We guarantee our plant material and our customers know our work.”

What he gained from his Loyola education: “I just felt extraordinarily prepared. I had such a solid background. Loyola gives you a confidence in yourself that you can master many tasks, and you can lead people and influence their choices in a good way.”

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