Graduating Greyhounds 2015: Juliana Restivo

By Stephanie Weaver  |  Cover photo by Ashley Geczik, '15 | Photo courtesy of Juliana Restivo, '15

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Juliana Restivo

Juliana Restivo


North Bellmore, New York


Biology/Psychology Interdisciplinary

Campus involvement

Spring Break Outreach, AMDG retreat leader, Connections, Student Government Association (sophomore year assembly, Director of Community Relations), Pre-Dental Society founder/president, Volunteer at Mt. Washington through CCSJ

Plans after graduation

In the fall, I’ll be attending Boston University to receive my Master’s in public health with a concentration in global health.

How I chose my path

The decision to apply to graduate school for public health happened in October of senior year. I always knew I wanted to have a career in health care, but I wasnt sure exactly what I wanted to do. My roommate, and best friend since the Pathways to Peer Leadership pre-orientation program, and I had studied for all of our biology classes together, trying to figure out what we wanted to do with it. After she learned about the field of public health, she told me it was the right fit for me. I didnt know exactly what she meant and brushed it off.

In October, I started looking into the field again and I realized that she was right. Public health, specifically global public health, encompassed everything that mattered to me, and everything that I involved myself with at Loyola: biology, health care, service, traveling, spring break outreach trips, student government, and more. I didn’t realize that I had been preparing for this field by doing everything that I loved. It’s always hard to believe those people who say that it will all work out eventually and you just have to have trust it, but that’s exactly what happened to me and I’m really grateful.

Favorite Loyola memory

Spring at Loyola has always been one of my favorite times of year. The change in weather and all of the end of year events bring the campus together in so many different ways, and it is really exciting to see all of the students hard work come together.

My favorite memory is from Loyolapalooza my junior year. I had the opportunity of being the Director of Community Relations on the executive board for SGA that year, so while I was not directly involved with the planning of the popular spring event, I was able to watch the process from the beginning. That day I was surrounded by best friends, some of which I had been close with since the very beginning of my first year. My friends on SGA couldn’t stop smiling at all of their hard work coming to life right in front of them. When Capital Cities performed, the quad more people on it that I had ever seen before. The atmosphere that day still gives me chills. The weather was beautiful, the lacrosse team had just won the Patriot League championship, and the entire campus felt like it was buzzing and united. What I will remember most about that day is being surrounded by so many amazing friends with our beautiful campus as the back drop.

The professor who had the biggest impact on me and why

I had Dr. Theresa Geiman for General and Human Physiology fall of my junior year. When the class started, I had no idea that I was gaining one of my favorite teachers, a reference, a mentor, and a friend. Whether it was talking to her about improving study habits, my community relations position on SGA, my intern experience in Ghana, or just about our families, Dr. Geimans door was always open to talk and laugh. When I wanted to start the pre-dental society because I knew a number of pre-dental students at Loyola who could benefit from it, she was excited to be my moderator and work with me on a vision that we both had for it. She is one of the most humble, encouraging, and down to earth people Ive met at Loyola. The biggest impact she has made on me is helping me to see while grades are very important, they dont define a person. The things you do from your heart and the person you are when you interact with the people around you are what matters the most. I am definitely going to miss being able to swing by her office for those words of encouragement or just to catch up on each others lives.

My strong truth/how the Jesuit college experience shaped me

Being men and women for and with others is my strong truth. Whether through service, for your friends, for your family, or for a stranger, I am a strong believer in being there for each other in any way possible. One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” We get so caught up with what we say to each other or exactly how we execute things sometimes that we forget the simple most important thing is to just be present, and there for and with each other in any way we possibly can.

Shout outs to…

My parents, who never fail to pick up the phone when I need them, give me a hug, help pick up the pieces when Ive messed up, and who have always taught me that creating your own happiness is most important in life. Thank you for everything you have taught me and done for me throughout my whole life, I am the person that I am today because of you both and the experiences you have given to me.

My younger brother and younger sister, who are always there to make me laugh as we experience life togetherthere is no one else Id rather have by my side.

My extended family, who believes in me in ways that I dont even believe in myself, and through everything, always sees the best in me.

To all of my best friends, at Loyola and from home, you all know me better than I know myself, and I love being able to celebrate all of our highs and lows together. I wouldnt be able to do it all without you.

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  • Posted by Lynn Saropoulos | May 14, 2015

    So proud of you Juliana! So happy you will be in Boston for grad school! Congratulations!!!

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