Graduating Greyhounds 2015: Lauren Heery

By Stephanie Weaver  |  Photo courtesy of Lauren Heery, '15

Spotlight on

Lauren Heery

Lauren Heery


Colorado Springs, Colorado


Double Interdisciplinary Major in Biology/Chemistry and English/Classical Civilization

Campus involvement

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ), York Road Students Association, Chemistry Club, and Environmental Action Club

Plans after graduation

I’m still applying and interviewing for two opportunitiesone in service and the other in research. I’m also applying to medical school for entry in fall 2016.

How I chose my path

Sometimes I feel like things have fallen into place, or I’ve just been in the right place at the right time. Academically, I came to Loyola with the hope to be a pre-med student, but I also knew I wanted to study something else outside of  the requisite science classes. Through the Honors Program, I was introduced to the humanities and developed an interest in Classics and English. Along the way, I also became very involved in CCSJ, which completely changed the way I view world and my role in it. My passion for learning new things has been a constant source of direction for my path. This passion, which has been fostered and deepened at Loyola, has led me from Baltimore to Mexicali, Mexico, to Glasgow, and back. Wherever I go next will be a continuation of my experiences at Loyola, and my love of learning and curiosity will continue to drive me forward.

Favorite Loyola memory

One of my favorite memories from the past four years was CCSJ student staff training at the beginning of my sophomore year. I didn’t know it at the time, but that first year on staff was one of the most transformative experiences I have had at Loyola. Training was the memory that stood out to me, because I remember even on the first day, seniors and returning staff members reached out to the sophomores as mentors and friends. Everyone was so welcoming and it really set the tone for my entire experience working there. I’ve had some of the best, and most difficult, conversations with my friends and co-workers at CCSJ over the past three years. Everyone there challenges and supports one another in our work and lives. Sophomore year training stands out because it was the beginning of my journey at CCSJ.

The professor who had the biggest impact on me and why

Dr. Joe Walsh in Classics was my first professor in the Honors Program, and his class introduced me to the academic experience of college. I know I can speak for several of my classmates that our Ancient World class was one of the most engaging and challenging classes in our time at Loyola. Dr. Walsh had very high expectations for us all and we (almost) always rose to the occasion. This class also sparked my interest in Classics and gave me a new appreciation for the importance of working hard and writing well.

My strong truth/how the Jesuit college experience shaped me

Cura Personalis is probably the core value which has most connected to my life. I’ve done a little bit of everything (or at least most things) that Loyola had to offer and I came to appreciate the necessity for balance and diversity in my work and life.

Shout outs to…

My family, friends, CCSJ student staff and professional staff, the York Road Initiative team, and all of the professors and administrators who have advised me in and out of the classroom.

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  • Posted by The York Road Initiative Team | May 14, 2015

    Thanks for your shout out Lauren, we’re so proud of you! Thank you for all your passion and effort as part of our team!

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