Graduating Greyhounds 2015: Dwayne Thomas II

By Stephanie Weaver  |  Photo courtesy of Dwayne Thomas II, '15

Spotlight on

Dwayne Thomas II


Baltimore, Maryland


Biology and Spanish

Campus involvement

Green and Grey Society, ALANA Mentoring Program, Black Student Association (BSA), Center for Community Service and Justice, Pre-Health Society, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, and Iggy for Admissions.

I also worked at the Fitness and Aquatic Center (FAC) for three semesters.

Plans after graduation

Traveling to Spain for three to four weeks to visit some friends and my host mom.

After returning from Spain, I am doing a clinical research internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital with Dr. Christopher Wolfgang.

How I chose my path

I always had an interest and passion to become a medical doctor. Caring for someone is not just treating their symptoms, but helping them to understand what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Biology, the study of life, allowed me to begin my path. I had a interest in science in high school and completed an internship before coming to college, so I wanted to stick with it because I knew that it would be challenging and rewarding. I also choose to major in Spanish because I would love to work and live in a Spanish-speaking country later in life. Baltimore has a high population of Hispanics and Latinos, which make me more curious to help solve the problems of medical care being provided to Spanish speakers.

The professor who had the biggest impact on me and why

Dr. Birgit Albrecht. I could sense her compassion and interest to see me succeed. She wanted nothing but the best for me. She embodies the value of cura personalis and being a Woman for Others.

Thank you, Dr. Albrecht, for everything the past four years! It has meant the world to me to learn from you, and talk with you about life and my career choices.

My strong truth/how the Jesuit college experience shaped me

After attending Loyola Blakefield, a Jesuit high school, I already had an understanding of the Jesuit values. My strong truth is dedicate to justice and a just world. I have been able to experience life in a way that some of my friends that I grew up with did not have the opportunity to do.

I have learned that if we continue to strive to provide everyone with opportunity, the world will be a better place. Building communities is a part of life, and since Loyola is a big community in itself, it has allowed me to see why working together to create a better tomorrow is so much more important than working by yourself.

Shout outs to…

Mom, Dad, Jasmine, Samuel, Destiné, and Chantellethank you all for putting up with me the past four years! I love you all!

Ms. Lindy, thank you for all that you have done for me! You are an amazing person and will always have a special place in my heart!

Mr. Rodney Parker, thank you so being a great mentor from April 2011 until now. I was happy that you were always readily accessible to me when I needed or wanted to talk!

To everyone at Loyola, you all have impacted me in so many ways. I have become a better young adult, leader, mentor, and person to GO FORTH AND SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! Thank you!​

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  • Posted by Carolyn Townsend | May 18, 2015

    Looking for great things in your new journey. Congratulations!!!

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