A Visit from the Hound on the Ground

By Rita Buettner  |  Rita Buettner

‘Twas a few weeks to Christmas, and the countdown was on,

So the Hound on the Ground set out each day at dawn.

Grey’s mission was clear: spreading holiday cheer,

Or better yet magis, as we know it ’round here.


On his quest Grey had heard that he’d find red and green

At Armiger House, which he hadn’t yet seen.

He strode up the path…


… with a leap, rang the bell.


The president lives here—that fact he knew well.

As he slipped through the door, he wiped off his grey paws,

Then he marveled at how beautifully decked were the walls.


There were pictures of hounds, which he had to admire,


Then he posed on the mantle, though there was no fire.


He sniffed the poinsettias and everything green.


For a Christmas Greyhound, this was just like a dream.

He found the man of the house in a deep interview


So he waited his turn, as a greyhound must do.

And when Father Linnane had finished, he turned to the Hound,

Greeted him, smiled, and with one single bound,

Placed him aloft for a photo or two,


Then sent him along for his next rendezvous.


For with days still ’til Christmas, the Hound’s work’s not done.

In fact, you can bet that the best’s yet to come!

Follow the travels of the Hound on the Ground as the Loyola University Maryland community counts down to Christmas on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and join us as we celebrate Christmas at Loyola!

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