Bolder & Brighter: A Look Inside Loyola’s Campaign

By Rita Buettner

"Bolder & Brighter" is the headline on the June 2018 cover of Loyola magazineEven before Bright Minds, Bold Hearts launched, the faculty and administration had a clear vision for what Loyola could become. That planning was key to the campaign’s success.

“They really homed in on what was going to give us the most impact,” said Trustee Ken Boehl, a 1976 graduate who earned his MBA from Loyola in 1981 and served as chair of the campaign. “At the end of the day we want to enrich the experience for the students and to inspire them to do great things. And I’m so proud of the people of Loyola for making that happen. They’ve inspired me. If there’s winning and losing, we won.”

Through Bright Minds, Bold Hearts, Loyola added $50 million to the University’s endowment, leaving a legacy students and families will benefit from for generations. Donors created 115 new scholarships and increased the funding of 55 existing scholarships, adding almost $40 million toward scholarship funding. They enhanced athletic facilities and strengthened the academic experience through opportunities and positions for faculty. They helped establish Messina, Loyola’s first-year living learning program. They supported the mission and ministry of the University. And they invested in the local community, bringing the York Road Initiative to life.

The gifts received through Bright Minds, Bold Hearts exceeded expectations of the campaign, publicly launched in December 2013. And the fruits of the campaign exceed the dollars raised. “This campaign made the Loyola family stronger as we pulled together. We’ve got a group of people who are fired up to do whatever we need to do for our university—and for our community,” Boehl said. “Loyola stands with Baltimore, and we’ve proven that.”

Behind the scenes, with the leadership of President Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., and Senior Vice President Terrence Sawyer, J.D., Loyola has established an infrastructure to achieve future campaign success. In its previous campaign, Loyola received four seven-figure gifts from individuals; during Bright Minds, Bold Hearts, Loyola received 22.

“We owe a great deal of gratitude to the faculty, alumni, staff, administrators, and everyone who contributed and helped create an environment where people want to give back,” Sawyer said. “Every member of the Loyola community has helped shape Loyola’s future.”

The priorities that were established and came to life through Bright Minds, Bold Hearts set the stage for the creation of Loyola’s strategic plan, The Ignatian Compass, deepening conversations about interdisciplinary learning, giving students a more global perspective, focusing on successful career outcomes for graduates, and celebrating the innovative thinking that was already occurring throughout the University.

Bright Minds, Bold Hearts positions Loyola well for the next chapter in our history, creating new opportunities for our students and faculty and challenging us to strive for ever greater excellence,” said Fr. Linnane. “I am particularly grateful to the Board of Trustees for their constant, generous support of the campaign, and truly every contribution to the campaign was significant to our achieving this goal together.”

This campaign, Boehl believes, has changed not just Loyola’s approach to raising money, but also the University’s approach to new ideas.

“We think bigger now because of the campaign,” he said. “Nothing breeds success like victory.”

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