10 Tips for New-to-Loyola Parents

By Magazine Staff

As members of the Class of 2014 prepare to become part of the Evergreen community for the next four years, Loyola magazine asked a Loyola mom and dad to offer a few tips to new parents…

They were only too happy to oblige, but asked to remain anonymous to avoid embarrassing their daughter—a good tip unto itself.

  1. Make hotel reservations for move-in day and Parents Weekend way in advance. Also advise your student to look into the AA Advantage card that gives students a discount on train travel.
  2. Buy, rent, or borrow a dolly or a hand truck for move-in day. Bring tons of tools, power cords, surge protectors, and a box or bag of tools to leave with your student as his/her first toolbox.
  3. For the room:
    • Get memory foam for the mattress. It’s worth it.
    • Bring a good floor lamp.
    • Consider getting some shelves for the closet.
  4. The recommended FE-100 class is worthwhile and not a huge time commitment.
  5. Yes, it’s partly a fashion statement, but your student will actually need a raincoat and rainboots. It’s a large campus and students do a lot of walking.
  6. Calls are not the same as texts. Don’t think that because you’re in touch by text, your student doesn’t want to hear from you by phone.
  7. Don’t wait to hear that “all the boys’ moms send cookies and brownies.” Send care packages early and often.
  8. Remind your student that when students go out at night, they should come home with whichever group they left with. Never change the plan. And make sure they keep the list of cab numbers in their phones.
  9. Encourage your student to get involved with different groups of friends right away.
  10. You think your student is never coming home, but students are actually home fairly often. You will adjust to their being away at school, and you’ll see them more than you expect.

Have a few tips of your own? Please share them in the comments section here.

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  • Posted by Kent | December 9, 2014

    These are great tips for parents who are not experienced in sending their child off to college. There are a lot of great things I never would have thought of. I appreciate it that you shared this with us.

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