Office Space

May 10, 2012

Faculty doors are typically open to their students. When Loyola magazine came knocking, however, not every professor wanted to welcome a photographer into that office space.

Totally understandable.

We were asking not only to enter a very personal area, but to photograph it and share images with alumni, prospective students, and—since it’s 2012 and everyone is on Facebook—the world.

Some faculty members were worried about the clutter. They asked for time to straighten up—but we were looking for authentic spaces. We were also looking for offices with color and character, stories and personality—whether that meant they were elegant and clean or a bit less organized.

Kelly DeVries, Ph.D., professor of history, was on sabbatical. But, good sport that he is, he told us just to make arrangements with Joanne Dabney, administrative assistant for the department. And Dabney—who has an impressive office covered with photos and postcards herself—was happy to show us around.

When the first photo of DeVries’ office appeared on Loyola’s Facebook page, alumni recognized it immediately.

“I think i see my final paper from 20yrs ago… bottom left…” wrote Bill Murray, ’93.

“There’s a TV episode of hoarders in our future,” chimed in Paul Tallon, Ph.D., associate professor of information systems.

And then DeVries himself weighed in: “Who did that to my office? I left it completely cllean and tidy,” he said.

Thank you to Dr. DeVries and all the faculty members who opened their doors to give our readers a window into their shelves and selves.

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