Wanna Bet?

By Rita Buettner

As our Greyhounds men’s lacrosse team prepares to take on the Fighting Irish in the NCAA Semifinals on Saturday, we thought the time was right for a friendly wager with our counterparts at Notre Dame Magazine. After all, we are two Catholic universities who rarely face each other in sports, and this is a big game.

So I sent an email to South Bend, Ind.

“How would you like to make a friendly wager over the lacrosse game on Saturday?” I wrote. “We could offer to send you crab cakes or some of our other Baltimore delicacies if the Fighting Irish win, and you could send us something special from Indiana if our Greyhounds win. What do you say?”

“You’re on,” came the reply.

But my question opened a can of worms. Every member of the Notre Dame Magazine staff was apparently drooling over the possibility of crab cakes. They just couldn’t decide on a comparable bet from South Bend, Ind.

Ideas came quickly, and were rejected almost as quickly—and not by us.

Ears of corn? Breaded pork? Sausage gravy? Fried biscuits and apple butter? Gourmet cherries? Popcorn? A case of Four Horsemen beer? Paczki? Blueberries? Sugar cream pie? A pot of shamrocks?

“Tickets to see the Irish play Navy in Ireland next year…?” wrote one of our Facebook followers.

“Conversion to Jesuit?” a Hounds fan suggested on Twitter.

I was starting to wonder whether we’d have the terms of the bet set before the teams took the field on Saturday. But, with the input of their Facebook followers, our counterparts at Notre Dame Magazine finally made a decision.

When the Greyhounds win on Saturday, Notre Dame Magazine will ship kielbasa to 4501 N. Charles St. We’ll be ready for it. Kielbasa is something any Hound can enjoy.

And just because the Fighting Polish—oops, Irish—have had so much fun debating the culinary delights of Indiana, they have said they may slip in some treats from the South Bend Chocolate Factory. Not that they’re planning to send anything, of course.

Then, of course, neither are we. We’re too busy figuring out how to get our hands on a grill.

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