The hottest stories of 2013

By Rita Buettner

It’s a new year, and we’re looking forward to finding out what 2014 has in store for our Loyola family.

But before we rush into the new year, let’s take a moment for Jesuit reflection and look back on 2013. Which 15 Loyola magazine stories were best-read during the past year?

15. How it feels to meet Nelson Mandela

In 1993, Loyola history professor Elizabeth Schmidt, Ph.D., met Nelson Mandela during his second U.S. tour after he was released from prison in 1990.

14. How this designer makes eco-friendly dresses

When Lori Del Genis, ’90, M.S. ’94, decided to start her wedding dress business in 2006, she started to do research into the industry. She learned about sweatshops and factories and how farmers sprayed the cotton with chemicals. “I cannot base a living on other people’s suffering.”

13. How this Greyhound won an Emmy

Suzanne Lee, ’10, won an Emmy award for “Outstanding Live Event Turnaround” as associate producer on NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics in London.

12. Why students gather in a Loyola residence hall every Sunday

For approximately a decade, Loyola students—dressed in jeans, sweats, and sometimes even pajamas—have been gathering for the late-night Hopkins Court Mass every Sunday evening to share in exactly that sense of community and fellowship, while also satisfying their Sunday obligation to attend Mass.

11. How entertaining a four-star general can be

During his visit to Loyola University Maryland’s Reitz Arena on Oct. 22, Gen. Powell filled the second Hanway Lecture in Global Studies with humor and behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

10. Which Loyola grad is leading an NBA team

As head coach of the Sacramento Kings, Mike Malone, ’94, is the first Greyhound to lead a professional team.

9. How soccer brought this student from Nepal to Loyola

Growing up in a refugee camp in Nepal, Heman Rai, ’17, could only find two ways to fill his time: studying and playing soccer.

8. How this Loyola grad bagged her degree

As long as Emily Schenlein, ’13, can remember, she has helped with the family business—a vacuum cleaner store in Parkville, Md.

7. How hard a Jesuit can make you laugh

When Rev. James Martin, S.J., visited Loyola to celebrate the kick-off of the University’s Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign, he encouraged them to find joy—and realize that humor can be part of faith.

6. The difference five minutes can make

Just five minutes after Brian De Sena, ’11, finished the Boston marathon, he heard the first explosion.

5. What Tom Clancy was like as a college student

Readers enjoyed hearing stories about Tom Clancy, ’69, from a former professor and a classmate, and many of you also read his remarks from Loyola’s 1986 Commencement.

4. Why Tony Blair’s lecture was unforgettable

Speaking off the cuff and fielding questions gathered in advance, Blair offered both amusing and poignant stories of his experiences and opinions on past, present, and future issues around the globe. He kept his audience entertained and engaged at every moment.

3. What sacrifice means

Capt. Greg Galeazzi, ’07, remembers sitting up on that road in Afghanistan and looking down at his legs. They weren’t there.

2. Whether you’re smarter than a Jesuit

If you haven’t taken the quiz already, this is your chance.

1. How tragedy inspired Grace’s parents to fight for a cyberbullying law

After Grace’s death, the McComas family was faced with a choice: grieve in private or share Grace’s story as the catalyst for change in a system where some victims of cyberbullying can’t get the help they need.

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