A New Year, A New Face

By Brigid Darragh

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I return to a desk at Loyola to write—only this time as an employee of the University.

After working as a writer and editor in the Baltimore financial publishing scene for several years, I join Loyola magazine.

It seems not so long ago that I was burning the midnight oil, cranking out English term papers in the computer lab on the first floor of Newman Towers…

But the truth is the seven years following my graduation have seen many changes for Loyola.

For one thing, Loyola has a different name than it did when I received my diploma. And the Baltimore City campus boasts new (to me) student housing and a beautiful, modern library. On Jan. 13, the community will celebrate the opening of the Alumni House.

As of this year, Loyola’s intercollegiate athletic teams participate in the Patriot League. The men’s basketball team competed in their first Patriot League game on Thursday at Reitz Arena, defeating Navy in overtime and marking the Hounds’ first league win.

Loyola has launched the Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign to impassion and involve current students and their parents, faculty and staff, alumni, and the greater Loyola community in securing the University’s future and enhancing students’ experiences during their time here.

So many new things are happening for Loyola’s students and for the University at large right now, and I am thrilled to be working at Loyola during this exciting time.

There is one thing hasn’t changed, though: how Loyola magazine takes its inspiration from the members of the Loyola community, past and present.

Loyola is about and for you—our readers.

That said, I invite you to share with me what you would like to see more of in its pages and online as I take on this new role…

What kinds of stories are you interested in hearing—or hearing more of?

How might Loyola better showcase what’s happening on campus and around the globe within the University’s network?

Is there a particular program you were involved with as an undergraduate student you would like to hear more about?

Are you involved in a particular organization that you’d like to share with others, or do you know a fellow graduate who is living out strong truths in the world of business, politics, or the public sector whose story we should feature?

Send your feedback to magazine@loyola.edu, or follow Loyola Magazine on Facebook and post your questions or comments to our wall. You can also find us on Twitter @Loyolamagazine.

The New Year is a wonderful time to reflect on the past and to celebrate what’s to come.

Certainly, the Loyola community has much to celebrate and be excited for this year, and I look forward to sharing these stories with the readers of Loyola magazine.

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