What They’re Saying: Pope Francis

Heard on the Evergreen Campus: Pope Francis' First Year in Review

By Brigid Darragh

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ election and to the papacy.

Here’s what Loyola students have to say about Time’s “Person of the Year”…

“The election of Pope Francis has given me restored hope and faith in where our world is headed. I truly admire his zest and desire for equality. As a Jesuit, he compasses what it means to look at the whole person, or cura personalis. It is so fitting to see his work as a Jesuit, because being a student in a Jesuit institution inspires me to see how I can change the world for greater social acceptance.”

—Dominick Proto, ’15, Branford, Conn.

“Pope Francis, as I am sure anyone can attest to, is rebuilding the Catholic Church just as he promised to do. His work is beginning to change the world, influencing and inspiring people all around the globe. It makes me proud to know that the world is being exposed to the Jesuit order from such a respected and incredible Pope. As the first Jesuit Pope, he is a perfect example of what Loyola and all Jesuit institutions try to instill in their students, to live a life for and with others.”

Derek Anderson, ’15, Farmington, MN

“As a student at a Jesuit university, having a Jesuit in the position of the papacy lends us great representation in a major influential wayon a global scale. I think Pope Francis has reinstated the heart and soul of Catholicism, in the midst of much corruption and controversy in the Church, through his examples of forgiveness, unconditional love for God’s creation, and service to the poor and those most in need of God’s grace and guidance. He has brought Catholicism forward to embrace modern cultural and social changes, something I believe to be very necessary for the church.”

Gigi Conger, ’17, Kansas City, Mo.

“I’ve really enjoyed Pope Francis’ work and leadership he has brought to the Catholic Church this past year. His concern for the poor and minorities is extremely inspiring. One moment that will stick with me was when the little boy climbed onto the altar as Pope Francis was speaking and instead of kicking the boy off the altar, he embraced every moment of it. I’m excited to see how Pope Francis continues to lead the church, because he seems to have a more liberal view as a Jesuit, something the Church desperately needs.”

Molly Coffee, ’14, Fort Wayne, IN

“As a student at a Jesuit institution, it is wonderful to see Pope Francis as the first Jesuit pope, who embodies the Jesuit values that we all should embody. Pope Francis is the definition of a man for and with others; he strives to do more, be more, and want more; and he cares for the entire person, as well as all people. He is the supreme role model for all students at Jesuit schools around the world.”

Tim Attolino, ’17, Milford, Conn.

“I knew that Pope Francis was different the moment he stepped out on the Vatican balcony. Instead of blessing the crowd, he asked the crowd to bless him; I was in awe along with the rest of the world.  A Jesuit papacy means that the Church faces a refreshing ideology that values discernment and constant improvement in the face of long standing dogma. And I can’t help but feel that Pope Francis connects people in a way that I have longed to see in a religious leader: with clarity, intuition, humility, intention, and even a little bit of humor.”

—Angelica Puzio, ’15, Fishersville, VA

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