Papal Photo Op!

Pope Francis drops in to Loyola to celebrate the first anniversary of his election

By Brigid Darragh

During the second week in March, Pope Francis (or rather, a cardboard likeness of His Holiness) was able to make some room in his busy schedule to visit Loyola.

His first stop was Starbucks for a café con crema after a long flight. Feeling sufficiently caffeinated, the pope stuck around the Student Center afterwards to greet adoring fans…

The following week, Pope Francis made an appearance at The Francis Factor event, hosted by Archdiocese of Baltimore to celebrate the first anniversary of the election of the pontiff and held at Loyola.

Students, faculty, members of the Jesuit community, and visitors to Loyola, including students, teachers, and clergy from Baltimore Catholic schools, struck a pose with what has affectionately become known as “Flat Francis.”

After an incredible evening at the Francis Factor (in case you missed it, more on the event here and here), the pope stopped in to check in and catch up on correspondence at the Catholic Center downtown.

Pope Francis stopped by to check in and write a few memos at the Catholic Center downtown. (Photo courtesy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore)

Of course, no papal trip to Baltimore would be complete with a visit to the Basilica…

Final two photos courtesy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

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