Senior BBQ&A

Members of the Class of 2014 enjoyed the annual Senior BBQ and answered questions about life after Loyola

By Story & Photos by Brigid Darragh

Bean bags, grilled kabobs, and Nantucket red shorts were all featured at the annual Senior BBQ that took place on the Arminger House lawn last week, two days before Loyola’s 162nd Commencement Exercises.

Hosted by Loyola’s president, Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., and the Loyola Alumni Association, the event gives seniors a chance to gather one last time for food, fun, and words of farewell and congratulations.

Senior class president Kim Porfido had the opportunity to speak to her classmates and to present Fr. Linnane with the class gift: a check for $19,929.59.

The Class of 2014 boasts an impressive 50% participation rate for their giving, a goal that was reached at the event as seniors made last-minute gifts in between taking photos with friends and enjoying slices of watermelon.

You can view more photos of the event here.

Loyola magazine had the pleasure of picking our graduating seniors’ brains on an array of topics, from what kind of sandwich they would have named after them to what they will miss most about college after they walk across the Baltimore Arena stage on May 17.

The participants pulled questions from our BBQ&A basket and took a break between bites to share their responses with us…

You can have a ticket to travel anywhere in the world. Where would you go?

“I would travel to Ireland.”Sarah Ismail received her degree in speech-language pathology

“Definitely Bora Bora.”Erin Thompson received her degree in mechanical engineering

Now that you don’t have studying to do or papers to write, what will you do in your downtime?

“I will look for a job.”—Samantha Seib received her bachelor’s in business administration in international business and marketing

“Now that I will have downtime, and especially on Sundays, I want to focus on working out, being in shape, and being more of a productive person.”Christopher Musarra received his B.B.A. in finance

“I will be going to the gym.”—Alex Namin received his degree in communications

What will you miss most about dorm life?

“Living with and right next-door to my friends. I can’t just walk around the corner and talk to them anytime I want to.”—Julia O’Connell received her B.A. in communication

“I’ll miss being able to socialize and go right next door whenever I want to talk to my buddies and hang out… I’ll probably never have that experience again in my life.”—Richard Carrara graduated from Loyola with a degree in communication

What is your favorite memory from a Greyhound athletics event?

“When Loyola won the national championship in men’s lacrosse. It was unbelievable.”Evan Yulo received his degree in accounting

Which classmate who is most likely to succeed and why?

“Thomas Marcotte. I think he’s going to be the president of the United States one day, because he just wants it. He’s a motivated individual. And he’s driven.”—Ben Nicholson received his B.A. in marketing

“Steve Celano. He is someone who’s really ambitious, and he has a good head on his shoulders.”—Charles Cuthrell received his B.A. in communication

What will you be doing professionally when you return for Milestone Reunion in 2019?

“Well I’ll be 27 then, so I’ll probably be looking for health insurance policies… I hope to be working at Ernst & Young, hopefully being a manager and living in New York City and not being evicted because I have a job and can make rent.”-Mike Pirozzi received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in accounting

“I hope to be a physician assistant when I return to our Milestone Reunion in 2019.”—Emily Smith received her B.S. in biology

How many free Loyola t-shirts are you leaving college with?

“An excessive number… but my favorite is the long-sleeved one that we got freshman year for Battle of the Hounds. I don’t even know what it says on it but I’ve lived in it. I can’t wear it anymore because it shrunk so much from many washes.” Johnathan Raffensperger graduated with a degree in finance

“Probably 25!”Kelly Gajdzisz received her degree in business economics

What was your favorite place on campus to take a nap between classes?

“Sellinger, on the fourth floor… there’s a good room there for naps.”—Caitlyn Conlin graduated with a B.A. in marketing

If Loyola would name a building, sandwich, or spot on campus after you, which one would you pick—and why?

“I would want the bench near Donnelly Science Center to be named after me, because it’s a beautiful spot to sit, its very tranquil.”—Joe Lomuti received his B.S. in biology

If you could take a piece of Loyola’s campus with you after graduation, what would it be?

“The Fitness and Aquatic Center, and more specifically, the pool.”—Bryan Bedacht received his bachelor’s in business administration and was a member of the Loyola men’s swimming & diving team

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