New athletics director steps onto the field

By Bo Schwerin  |  Photo by Larry Canner
Jim Paquette high-fiving the Loyola mascott

Jim Paquette knows plenty about the hard work required for athletic success—even if you’re not an athlete.

Beginning as a work-study student in the Providence College athletics department, through a $6-an-hour ticket-office job and graduate studies in sports management at the University of Massachusetts, he kept his eye on one goal: becoming an athletic director by age 40.

Paquette became a development assistant at Boston College, and over the next 16 years, he moved up the ranks, setting fundraising records in each of his years at the school and becoming associate athletic director for development. Overall, Paquette helped the school raise more than $211 million, and he believes he can achieve the same success at Loyola. He became the University’s assistant vice president and director of athletics this April—right on time.

The secret to replicating his success at Boston College at Loyola, he says, is not really a secret at all: It’s harnessing the passion of alumni, parents, and friends of the University.

“There are people here at Loyola just waiting to be asked to get involved in the right way in our athletics programs,” Paquette said. “This is an area where you’ll see real transformation over the next three to five years.”

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