Home Sweet Home

What makes a house a home?

By Magazine Staff

A home offers health and safety, but it also reflects your personality and style. We build homes, sell homes, decorate homes, give our time to create homes for others, and love seeing one another’s homes.

Many students make Loyola their home during their time in college, and this home offers them a special experience, an opportunity to gain a sense of self and also to connect with others.

Loyola magazine decided to step over the threshold into the homes of students, faculty, and alumni.

Wipe your feet on the welcome mat and come on in!

Make Yourself at Home: Check out the results of our home survey

“Design Is Never Done”: An Interview with Melissa Bergenty Nuñez, ’07, whose 1,000-square-foot apartment in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco has been featured on home design blogs

Home, Home on the Sea: Grad shares tales from life on his Baltimore houseboat

Beyond Four Walls and a Roof: When it comes to our homes, outdoor space is equally as important as indoor space. Just ask Peter Bieneman, ’90, general manager of Green Fields Nursery & Landscaping Company in Baltimore.

Giving a Home New Life: Ron Tanner, professor of writing and author of From Animal House to Our House, explains how he maintained his personality in his renovated home.

Superior Interior: A Q&A with Kate Jordan, ’06, prop and interiors stylist

A place to hang your hat, your posters, your favorite photos, and more: Loyola housing helps students connect with one another

When Your Home Is Your Castle: As a new homeowner, Elizabeth Dodson, MBA 97, was trying to keep track of all the paperwork and information that comes with buying, maintaining, and improving a house.

Worth the Drive: Although Loyola is a residential university, a small group of students continue to commute

The Write DecorWhen the Writing Center learned it would be moving to a new location on campus, Lisa Zimmerelli decided to make the most of the change.

Listening to Those Without Homes: A reflection by Meggie Girardi, ’10

“We All Need This Place”: A reflection by Jennifer Jordano, ’96

President’s Message: Baltimore Is Our Home

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