New Jesuit Vocation Video Features 2001 Graduate

By Rita Buettner

Rev. Patrick Nolan, S.J., ’01, is one of five Jesuits featured in a new vocation video, “The Journey to a Great Life.” The Jesuits interviewed for the video are preparing to become priests.

“The Journey to a Great Life,” which was produced in tandem with the Jesuit production house, Loyola Productions, has been created to encourage young men to visit the Jesuits’ vocation site,

In the video Nolan shares how his Loyola University Maryland experience influenced his faith and speaks about how he was drawn to the Society of Jesus.

“I figured there’s got to be something. There’s got to be some kind of common bond we all have,” says Nolan in the video. “And now after seven years, I know that it’s Jesus.”


Learn more about the video here.

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