MBA Fellows Reflect on Service

By Magazine Staff

As a final project, students in the MBA Fellows program spent Friday, Feb. 11, serving clients of Baltimore’s Our Daily Bread Employment Center’s job training program. They worked with clients on résumés, conducted mock interviews, and offered career advice.

Here, two of the participants share their thoughts on the experience.

Mike Benham, MBA Fellows ’11:

My experience at Our Daily Bread was one of the most moving experiences during the entire Executive MBA program. I was privileged to work with Mr. Mike Jones during the administration of the job training program. Mr. Jones effectively used the allotted time to provide the most significant information to the students in preparation for their job searches. I was honored to conduct mock interviews with two students. The students were serious, attentive and appreciative during the entire experience.

I discovered the reality of our present economy and the challenges it has placed on the members of our community. The reality of the impact a job opportunity has on people in our community overwhelmed me. Hosea 4:6 states that our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and I now understand the sense of urgency, responsibility and the obligation I have to pass on knowledge to help my neighbor and the community.

Someone provided us an opportunity to access knowledge through the Loyola MBA Program. I learned that knowledge is a gift—so valuable—because I saw it pass from my fellow MBA students to the eager-to-learn job seekers at Our Daily Bread.

I learned that the spirit to make a difference and lead change in the community and the world is critical to change the people in our community, the economy, and the world. No one is born with the spirit to serve others. This spirit must be developed over time to help our brothers and sisters in our communities. I learned that no matter how much education you gain for personal benefit, the true measure of a person is his or her desire to develop the spirit to serve others which I saw in the staff members and volunteers at Our Daily Bread. This experience changed me and this truly developed in me the spirit to serve others and by doing whatever I can to help my brothers and sisters of the community.

It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the community at Our Daily Bread in the future.

Angela Lamont, MBA Fellows ’11:

Early on Feb. 18, the Fellows Executive MBA Class of 2011 arrived with donations in hand at the Timonium Graduate Campus ready to attend our retreat to Our Daily Bread Employment Center in downtown Baltimore.

I had reservations about the day, primarily because I did not know what to expect. Sadly, I have not volunteered in this type of setting before—feeding the homeless and downtrodden. Our day started with delay; our bus driver mistakenly went to the Charles Street campus thus arriving nearly an hour late. This did not deter our mood. Our spirits were high; we were ready to go to ODBEC and do our part with humility.

Upon arriving at Our Daily Bread, representatives greeted us, gave out assignments for interviewers, strategists, and lunch servers, and then sent us to various parts of the building. The lunch servers’ attire included aprons and hairnets. I have to admit hairnets are not a fashion must-have, and quickly realized that I was not there to look good. My intention was to serve with a humble heart. Therefore, I chose the role of table cleaner, because I feared I would accidentally spill the tea or food on our visitors. I also wanted interaction with the visitors coming to Our Daily Bread.

On that day, I was a fellow human being serving my fellow man. When I think about Loyola University’s mission statement, I think of how my development in becoming a whole person unfolded throughout the course of my FXMBA. I grew in so many ways, learning to deal with conflict, leading change, business operations, project management, ethics, the legal environment of business, all pieces necessary in the puzzle of the program. Each piece fit exactly into place for me, which allowed for the development of the whole person learning to lead and serve in a diverse and changing world.

Our world is diverse. It can be a beautiful world if we embrace diversity and see ourselves as servers, and we can accomplish much more in changing and leading the world. After graduation, I still remember the mission of Loyola University and my purpose to serve. For me, the retreat at Our Daily Bread provided new lessons learned. I felt proud of my role as server and had the chance to talk to friendly people. Maybe I was able to brighten the day of many others.

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  • Posted by Scott Shindledecker | September 13, 2011

    Angela and Mike,

    Thanks for putting so eloquently into words this wonderful experience. Ditto to everything you said. On a personal note, I was so moved by the experience that I contacted Pat Bennett and have signed on to provide mock interviews on a regular basis. This past session, I was able to arrange an interview with a hiring manager. I have not heard yet but I’m praying that he gets the job.

    I certainly validated that the Lord works in mysterious ways and if you just put your trust in him your life can be changed in wonderful ways. Reaching out to those in need has been such a blessing. I cannot tell you how rewarding this has been for me.

    God Bless,

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