Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Shoppers flock to Govanstowne Farmers' Market's second season

By Magazine Staff  |  Photos by Malia Leary

When Loyola asked its York Road corridor neighbors what they wanted to see in their community just east of Loyola’s campus, a farmers’ market was near the top of the list.

“For a lot of folks in the neighborhood, getting fresh produce is a challenge,” said Barbara Dent, a member of the York Road Partnership Leadership Committee.

Area residents showed their enthusiasm for the market’s second season, gathering on Wednesday afternoons from June 6 through Aug. 8 to sample the local produce, seasonal fruit, fresh breads, and artisan goods. This year the market was able to accept some forms of government food assistance, CARES Food Pantry food coupons, and credit and debit cards.

“All sorts of different people—families, local business owners, senior citizens, people who live in the area—come by weekly,” said Erin O’Keefe, ’03, director of Loyola’s York Road Initiative, which sponsors the market with the York Road Partnership. “Sometimes people will ask, ‘Why does Loyola do this?’ and we’ll say, ‘Loyola isn’t doing this on its own. Loyola is a member of this community, and we are here, working together with our neighbors.’”

Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of theology, focuses her research on the intersection between religion and health—and is watching as Baltimore is experiencing more community gardens, nutrition education in schools, and efforts to eliminate food deserts, where residents have poor access to healthy, fresh foods.

“Bringing a good farmers’ market to a place where people might not usually go shows the dignity and value of all,” said Lehmijoki-Gardner, who writes the blog “Health and Faith in Baltimore” and teaches an Urban Health and Faith service-learning class. “A farmers’ market makes the area busy in a good way. This is one way of transforming neighborhoods.”

Loyola magazine invited three people to become shopper chefs at the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market and share their experiences with us. Find out what ingredients they discovered, and see their recipes.

Shopper Chef No. 1

Professor, Father of Two, and Cookbook Collector: Arthur Sutherland, Ph.D.

Shopper Chef No. 2

Loyola Student, Soccer Player, and Casual Cook: Danielle Ippolito, ’13

Shopper Chef No. 3

Community Resident, Financial Consultant, and Son of a Former Restauranteur: Kyahn Kamali

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