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Loyola Student, Soccer Player, and Casual Cook: Danielle Ippolito, '13

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By Magazine Staff

Danielle Ippolito, ’13

Danielle Ippolito, ’13, approached shopping with a plan—chicken stir fry. When she realized she couldn’t make it work, she moved decisively to plan B—beef tacos.

After learning that the Ferguson Family Farm vendor sold only whole chickens, the 21-year-old from Bellmore, N.Y., decided to try the ground beef instead. “My strength coach always tells us what we should have in our diet, and he had told us to eat grass-fed beef,” said Ippolito, who returned to her residence hall with bags full of fruit, vegetables, and beef.

Soccer teammates Ippolito and Lauren Norcia, ’13, and Katie Dircks, ’13, who plays volleyball, are rooming together while they take summer school courses. They made three meals and a dessert.

Their most memorable culinary success was their peach cobbler. “We looked up a recipe online. It said you were supposed to use oatmeal, flour, sugar, all this stuff. We didn’t have any flour,” she said. “We’re calling everyone, asking, ‘Do you have flour?’ The peaches were open already, so there was no turning back.”

Still, Greyhounds are resourceful—on the field and off. Norcia searched the suite kitchen and found a box of pancake mix to use instead.

How did the cobbler turn out? “We were licking the pan.”

On the next pages Danielle Ippolito shares the recipes and photos of the dishes she and her roommates prepared:

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