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Community Resident, Financial Consultant, and Son of a Former Restauranteur

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By Kyahn Kamali  |  Photos by Malia Leary and Kyahn Kamali

Leslie and Kyahn Kamali

I really liked the beets, asparagus and bread best of all the Govanstowne Farmers Market finds. Some local butter bean honey and locally farmed chicken rounded out our purchases. While it seemed the idea going in was to prepare a single meal, my ingredients didn’t really hang together that way. Instead I shared the love further and used the ingredients over three days.

The first day my wife had about a dozen ladies over for an afterschool gathering. I prepared a great salad using the beets, the beautiful beet greens and a little goat cheese. Everyone loved the salad and it disappeared quickly. I heard some comparisons to Swiss chard and kale, and people were pleasantly surprised that the salad was made from the beet greens.

The second day we started off with toasted baguette with a little butter and the butter bean honey for breakfast. The buttery flavor of that honey was really wonderful. We learned some interesting things about the art of beekeeping talking to the owner/beekeeper from that stall.

That night we also roasted the chicken for dinner for our family of five. I must admit to having been initially disappointed to see that the chicken had been frozen since December—I was looking forward to a different level of ‘freshness’ than that. On the other hand, the color and taste of the chicken was certainly superior to our traditional grocery store options. After dinner I made some stock from the carcass. We never toss the carcass without making a broth, and typically will make a soup or risotto the following day after having a roast chicken.

The third day I used the asparagus and fresh chicken broth to make a cream of asparagus soup. My kids are very fond of vichyssoise and similarly styled soups, and the fresh stock always adds great flavor to the final product. We’re always looking for ways to get more veggies into the kids, and this soup certainly does that trick.

So, we really got some great mileage out of our farmers market purchases. We had to supplement with some basics like onions, cheese, and the like from nearby Belvedere Square, but we’re doubly blessed to have that market and the farmers market both super close to the house.

Co-owner of a financial consulting company, Kyahn Kamali and his wife, Leslie, live in the Govanstowne community with their three children. See his recipes on the next pages.

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