To Market, to Market, with Our ABCs…

By Rita Buettner  |  Photos by Nick Alexopulos, '03, and Malia Leary

A’s for asparagus, apples so gold.

B is for bread, and the barbecue’s bold.

C is for cupcakes and chicken pot pie.

D’s for delicious sweet corn in July.

E is for earrings and eggs freshly laid.

F is for flowers so brightly displayed.

G is for Govanstowne, where every week

H is for hummus and honey boutique.

I is for ice cream, so fresh and rich.

J is for Jack scratching your grilled cheese itch.

K is for kale and for keepers of bees.

L is for loving fresh fruits and veggies.

M is for melons and meat—grass-fed beef.

N is for nectarines still with a leaf.

O is for hummus that’s spiked with Old Bay.

P is for peppers, just picked yesterday.

Q’s for a quart of your favorite sorbet.

R is for red that shouts, “Buy me today!”

S is for squash, such a cheery display.

T is for taste buds that tingle—hooray!

U is for under the tents kids find fun.

V’s for Vietnamese egg rolls—taste one!

W’s wishing for more market days.

X marks the spot where the bright Heirlooms blaze.

Y is for yams, plump and ready to bake,

And Z’s for zucchini and Zach’s veggie cake.

See which vendors are participating in the 2013 Govanstowne Farmers’ Market.

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