A Picture Worth $5,000

By Magazine Staff  |  Photo by Amanda Keanna, '14

Amanda Keanna, ’14, who is studying abroad at Australia’s Monash University, was on a field trip in New South Wales. She had just climbed a mountain with her group of students and the sun was setting.

“As we were walking down the mountain, we stopped for a little just in time to watch the sun as it was touching the horizon, and then continued to watch as the sun disappeared completely,” Keanna said. “The sunset that night was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen.”

Keanna snapped the moment with her camera—and took a photo that won the Monash University Global Student Photography competition. The award comes with $5,000 she can spend to travel anywhere in the world.

During orientation for the program at Monash, one of the speakers mentioned the photo contest and encouraged the study abroad and exchange students to participate.

“At that time I really didn’t think that I would ever submit a photo because I’m not a photographer and usually have the worst luck when it comes to competitions,” Keanna said. But when she looked through the photos she had taken, she came across a few she particularly liked from her travels in Australia and decided to enter. “It was worth a shot.”

And it was worth $5,000, which Keanna may use to visit other friends studying abroad in Europe, to see relatives in Germany, or maybe go to Disney World. “I am just extremely excited to travel the world and visit more places, wherever they may be,” she said.

No matter where she travels, Keanna says that Australia has offered a new, unparalleled beauty.

“The picture honestly does not give the Australian Outback any justice,” said Keanna, a psychology major from River Edge, N.J. “It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to.”

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