Graduating Hounds race to catch scarce jobs

By Mary Medland

Finding that first job after college can be an intimidating experience. Combine that with an economy that has seen 50,000-plus Americans lose their jobs in a single day, and the search can become downright terrifying.

“I know that persistence is important in this economy,” said Alex Prodey, ’09, an accounting major. “Things today are really about survival of the fittest. Accounting firms right now are just trying to keep the people that are already on staff. But when you’ve been turned down a number of times, staying positive and persistent is really hard.”

Prodey knows from experience. He applied to Ernst & Young and another firm but did not receive an offer from either. Things looked up—albeit briefly—when he accepted a position with First Mariner Bank. “But that offer was rescinded because of budget cuts,” Prodey said. “Now I have an internship with the Reznick Group, and hopefully I will be offered a full-time position there.”

Graduating seniors are pursuing their career searches glued to the classifieds and every other resource they can find. Many students are looking to Loyola’s Career Center for hope, reassurance and—ultimately—jobs.

“Yes, there are jobs out there, although students may have to be more proactive than in the past,” said Lakeisha Mathews, assistant director of the Career Center.

The Career Center offers workshops focused on how seniors can make themselves stand out, what makes for a successful interview and how to come across in a polished manner. “We also talk about building networking skills, the importance of having a firm handshake and making sure that students have a presence about them,” Mathews said.

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