President’s Message: Loyola’s future is bright

By Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J.  |  Photo by Peter Howard

Loyola President Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., stands on Loyola's Evergreen campus

As we were preparing to launch our $100 million Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign, a consultant said to me, “Father, your number one legacy to Loyola will be a mature fundraising operation.”

In my role as president of Loyola, I have come to understand how vital fundraising is for the future of this university. And it was my privilege to play a role in bringing this campaign to its close.

At Loyola we have a strong sense of mission. We have an exceptional reputation. We have clarity of purpose. The fundamental assets are in place. We do, however, need more resources. That is why we are working to cultivate a culture of philanthropy among our community. When our alumni support Loyola, as they did during Bright Minds, Bold Hearts, anything— and everything—is possible.

One person doesn’t bring a campaign from zero to $100 million. Many people of both great means and smaller means have given willingly and enthusiastically because of their commit – ment to and belief in Loyola. They gave not just out of gratitude or affection, but because they want to contribute to advancing the priorities of Loyola. They know the world needs Loyola University Maryland graduates. They believe in the future of our Jesuit, Catholic, liberal arts university in Baltimore.

And Loyola’s future is bright.

Look around our campus today and talk to students about how they are learning and thriving, and you can already see the impact of the Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign. Messina—our distinctive first-year program—has ignited intellectual, interdisciplinary discourse in and out of the classroom. Ridley Athletic Complex and the McClure Tennis Center have helped to elevate Loyola Athletics. Our Global Studies program sets Loyola apart and enriches educational opportunities for our students.

Some of the changes through the campaign have happened more quietly, but their impact is far-reaching. Our endowment today stands at about $235 million—a growth of $100 million since the economic crisis 10 years ago. Half of that growth is due to the market, and half came as a direct result of donors who supported the campaign. These funds ensure Loyola is financially strong for the future, but it also means that we are able to offer more scholarship support to our students. Those gifts open doors for students who would not be able to attend Loyola—and might not be able to attend college at all.

As I reflect on the Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign, I would like to think that positioning Loyola well for the future might be part of my legacy. But my deeper hope is that each of you, who have given to Loyola in so many, many ways, will feel that your legacy and Loyola’s are intertwined, and that Loyola’s success is yours, too.

With my deepest gratitude,

The Reverend Brian F. Linnane, S.J. President

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