President’s Message: Building Community Beyond Campus

By Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J.

Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J.During Baltimore’s last major snowstorm, cars parked along Cold Spring Lane were buried under the snow. Several of our students bundled up and came out to shovel out the vehicles, even though they didn’t know the cars’ owners. It was a beautiful, generous gesture, and I was proud to see our students recognizing a need and stepping up to help without being asked. 

That’s how I feel almost every day at Loyola, as I see how our students enthusiastically embrace their role as citizens of our community. Through service-learning courses, clubs and organizations, opportunities offered through our Center for Community Service and Justice and the York Road Initiative, and in numerous other ways, Loyola students find ways to deepen their connections with this city that Loyola has called home since 1852. 

As a Jesuit, Catholic university, Loyola quite intentionally seeks ways for students to participate in the life of our city. Messina, our living learning program for first-year students, introduces them to the community and all its cultural, historic, and culinary delights. 

The education we offer also introduces students to the challenges and opportunities you will find in any city. Our young leaders of tomorrow tutor and play soccer with immigrant refugees. They prepare and deliver meals to people who are hungry. Accounting students offer free tax clinics to community members. Students in our Sellinger School of Business share their marketing and finance expertise with business owners along York Road. And, as you’ll read in this magazine, you’ll find our campus radio station—WLOY—marching in the Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade, and student artists painting pieces of plywood to look like doors and windows for dilapidated homes in one of the city’s neighborhoods. 

Baltimore, as Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks has said, is the best place in the world to change the world. And our students are eager and excited to be part of that transformation. 

After all, being engaged in the community is part of our university mission. We wholeheartedly embrace our role in addressing the deeply-seated and complex problems that face our city and our nation. In recent years, Loyola has increased the funding we are investing in our mission and in the community beyond the borders of our campus. We are working to enhance the neighborhoods closest to our campus and put our mission into action by strengthening our community. 

Like those students who picked up their shovels and enthusiastically went out to clear the snow from strangers’ cars, Loyola can see what needs to be done. We will continue to step upmake a difference in our community, and graduate young people who will bring about positive change wherever they go. 


Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J. 


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