#IHeartJesuits Contest Winners Announced!

By Brigid Darragh

In honor of Loyola’s Jesuit Heritage Days, which were celebrated at the end of February, we asked members of the Loyola community—as well as fellow Jesuit universities, colleges, high schools, and organizations—to share why they “heart” Jesuits.

Aside from the sheer enjoyment one might experience from reflecting on and sharing why they appreciate, respect, and love the Society of Jesus, we promised a limited-edition t-shirt to the best entries.

Tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts came pouring in… and the reasons people love Jesuits are as diverse as the entrants themselves!

This week we compiled the entries—and are thrilled to announce the following seven winners.
#iheartjesuits because they know the key to might is education. @loyolamaryland

#iheartjesuits because they help make this statement a reality #loyolamaryland

We’d like to thank everyone who participated!

If your entry was selected as a winner, please send your name and the address where you’d like your t-shirt to be sent to magazine@loyola.edu.

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