10 Reasons Pope Francis Should Visit Loyola University Maryland

By Brigid Darragh, Rita Buettner, Nick Alexopulos

10. His favorite movie, Babette’s Feast, is available for check-out at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library.

9. His appearance on campus would result in more photo submissions to Loyola Today than Commencement.

8. Technically, he’s already been through Messina. (His theme was “Visionary.”)

7. He needs to pick up his Evergreen card from SAS.

6. He’d quickly become a frequent passenger of the shuttle service (and he wouldn’t mind if it was running a few minutes behind schedule).

5. He wouldn’t be disappointed if he had to stay in Hammerman.

4. Considering jet lag, Midnight Breakfast is just regular breakfast for people who live in Vatican City.

3. He would complete the trifecta of Jesuits named Francis on campus.

2. He loves dogs… We are the Greyhounds.

1. He would be the guest of honor at Loyola’s PopeFest to celebrate his visit to the United States.

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