Loyola magazine’s top 15 posts from 2015

By Rita Buettner  |  Cover photo by Jon S/Flickr Creative Commons

We truly enjoy sharing the story of Loyola University Maryland with you via Loyola magazine. Whether it’s through the print magazine, here on the online mag, or posting photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Loyola magazine loves connecting with members of the Greyhound Nation all over the world.

As 2015 came to a close and 2016 begins, we’re looking back on some of the stories our readers have read most over the past year and realizing yet again what a wonderful, supportive community this is.

Counting down the top stories of 2015…

15. Students help give moms and their babies a healthy start

14. Wishing a friend and campus leader well as she writes the next chapter

13. The only person who was surprised she was chosen as Distinguished Teacher of the Year is in the photo

12. No wonder students love living on campus

11. Name another company that was founded in a restroom—and led to a revolution

10. This Jesuit challenges each of us to be more daring

9. He hadn’t been to Baltimore for The Longest Time

8. He doesn’t always blog for Loyola magazine—but when he does, he sets the blogosphere on fire

Photo by Margaret Wroblewski, ’17

7. This new Cardinal for the Catholic Church has a pastoral counseling degree from Loyola

6. This 2005 grad is building relationships, working with people who are homeless, and strengthening the city of Baltimore

5. Take a good look at these Greyhounds who graduated in May… You’ll be seeing more of them

4. A graduating senior shared her thoughts on her Loyola education

3. Check out this 2007 grad’s home on the sea

2. What do you say to your daughter as she prepares to graduate?

1. Students shared heartfelt memories of their beloved classmate and friend Colleen Zirkle, ’16

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