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December 19, 2011

Something about the holidays inspires people to reconnect. Just in the past few weeks I have heard from alumni who were highlighted in past magazines.

This holiday season two of the businesses featured in the December 2010 Gift Giving Guide are partnering together. After the guide was published, Angelina’s of Maryland owner Chad Zoretic, ’93, reached out to Roseda Beef, owned by Ed Burchell, ’64. The alumni-owned businesses are now co-branding and co-selling “surf and turf” packages featuring Angelina’s crab cakes and Roseda’s filet mignons and ribeye steaks.

“They’re a great company and it’s nice to work with other Loyola alumni,” Chad writes. “Thought you would appreciate that the gift-giving guide encouraged our partnering.”

Kevin Wells, ’90, wrote to tell me about a radio interview he gave this week about his book, Burst: A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart.

Kevin gives interviews regularly, so that wasn’t anything unusual. This time, however, one of the interviewers was Jen Powers Schiller, ’89, speaking with Kevin on the Boston radio show “The Good Catholic Life.” If you listen in, you’ll hear them mention Loyola a few times, and Kevin—a diehard Orioles fan—even gets in a few words about the Red Sox.

Nearly seven months after his graduation, Danny Zech, ’11, wrote to let us know how his sailing trip is going. His National Geographic internship had fallen through, but he has been able to piece together grant funding for the trip. Danny, whose sailing expertise earned him an appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is doing cultural anthropological research with the goal of turning it into a master’s thesis in international relations.

“Been doing research in Mexico’s Baja Sur for the past month and this coming one. Then I relocate to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Zihuatanejo for another month before sailing across the Pacific to spend three months in French Polynesia doing research there. After that I will sail over to northern Australia and Indonesia and stay there for about four months, then on to Madagascar and a few small islands around there before I put in to South Africa for an extended stay. Then I will hit St. Helena and keep on for Rio de Janeiro and stay there for a few more months. Eventually I will work my way north into the Caribbean, transit the Panama Canal, head to Galapagos and Easter Island, and finally head back to San Diego.”

To earn some extra money, Danny is hiring out his services as a professional shipwright and rigger. And in his spare time, he is blogging his journey.

Please keep the updates coming—or share a story we haven’t told yet in Loyola magazine.

Merry Christmas!


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  • Posted by Megan Toth | December 23, 2011

    Danny’s story is incredible; I look forward to reading his blogs! He depicts what Loyola students have in common – determination and dedication. Congrats!

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