September 2013 Letters to the Editor

September 9, 2013


Proud. That is the single word that comes to mind after reading the May 2013 issue of Loyola magazine. I’ve never been more proud to be a graduate.

I was brought to tears reading the story of Jason Crane and the Greyhound lacrosse players who gave their time and skills to bring some light and much-needed distraction to the children of Newtown, Conn. Proud of the men who ran in the Boston Marathon in honor of their classmate, and lived to tell the story. Proud of the students who gave their time to the people of Breezy Point who suffered such destruction at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. And beyond proud of Capt. Greg Galeazzi, ’07, for his service to our country and incredible bravery on and off the battlefield.

I graduated in 1994 but went back a few years ago—this time as a teacher. I asked the students what they were all doing for Spring Break. Some were doing the typical Florida/Cancun/sunny weather trips, but student after student started to tell me of the charity work and missions they would be doing on their time off of school.

That’s when it hit me: this is what makes Loyola so unique. The Jesuit education, and the dedication of its students to serve others are at the core of what makes Loyola Loyola.

I am humbled by these students’ stories. They make me want to be a better mom, a better sister, a better American, a better neighbor and friend. Thanks for the reminder that Loyola is so much more than getting a great education.

Jo Anna Varsalone Shuba, ’94

Baltimore, Md.


Your May edition of Loyola magazine arrived here for my son, Matthew, ’04, MBA ’07.

There is no credit in the magazine that I can find for the photographer whose photo of the Charles Street lantern appears on the cover and so I am entrusting you to inform either him or her that my picture of the same lantern is not a “theft” of the composition. The enclosed piece of stationery is a copy of a large pen and ink poster which I executed last year and had printed in March of this year.

I told my son that I was embarking on a series of pen and ink posters of campus/chapel scenes of Loyola as I had previously done at other schools my children had attended.

I did want to bring this to the attention of your photographer who saw the same beauty in what may appear to be a minor and mundane structure all too often taken for granted on the campus.

Michael Kraemer

Owings Mills, Md.

Editor’s Note: The photographer for that image was Margaret Zivkovich, associate director in Loyola’s office of creative services.

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