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By Brigid Darragh  |  Photos by Malia Leary

Do you recognize the subject of the photograph on the back cover of April’sĀ Loyola magazine?

We’ll give you a hint: It’s been a part of the Loyola Alumni Memorial Chapel for as long as anyone can rememberĀ (well, at least going back to the 1970s)…

“Unfortunately, we (Campus Ministry) have no written information at all regarding this and other similar pieces,” said George Miller, associate director for Campus Ministry and director of liturgy and music.

“We were told by an appraiser of European antiques (in the mid-1990s) that this bishop’s chair is from the Jacobean Revival period (a reproduction of 17th century English pieces) and likely dates from the late 19th or very early 20th century.”

The two side chairs by the sacristy doors and the deacon’s bench are others from this period.

“I would assume all these were part of the furniture that came to Evergreen with the Jesuits in the 1920s, as Loyola College moved north out of the city,” Miller said.

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