Chalk this one up to creativity

Follow Malia Leary, art director for Loyola magazine, from inspiration to creation of this issue's cover

By Brigid Darragh  |  Photos by Malia Leary and Brigid Darragh

This issue of Loyola magazine’s cover might conjure up memories of grammar school, of art class, of that small, self-standing chalkboard almost everyone has as a child that doubles as a painting easel once he or she has broken all the chalk…

Or maybe it just looks on point with the very trendy chalkboard style font that is popping up all over Pinterest, etsy, and wedding blogs these days.

Whatever the case, this issue’s cover was a labor of love for Loyola magazine’s art directory, Malia Leary.

When first taking on the task of creating a cover that would embody the many wonderful stories and faces that embody the University’s Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign that this issue shares, Leary wanted something fun, something unique, and something eye-catching.

She was inspired by these beautiful editions of children’s books, published by Penguin Classics.

Of course, Leary brought her own style and touch to our Loyola cover and, as it was such fun watching her create the artwork over time leading up to when we send our issue to press, we wanted to share its making with our readers—so they can truly appreciate the creative talent and the work that goes into each and every edition that we bring, with pleasure, to our community of readers.


And the final product, below, which was photographed by Leary to create a file to use as the cover…


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