The Best Thing I Ever Ate…Abroad

By Magazine Staff  |  Photos courtesy of Amanda Ismail, Rachel Williams, and Elizabeth Walton

Loyola magazine asked four students who studied abroad this year to describe the best food they ate while they were overseas.

Diner: Amanda Ismail, ’13

Eating in: Bangkok, Thailand

On her plate: Pad Thai

Most memorable serving?

“It was prepared in Bangkok’s largest wholesale
and retail fresh flower market, Pak Klong Talad,
which also has a sizeable farmer’s market.
A kind old woman fixed the most fresh,
scrumptious plate of Pad Thai I’ve ever tasted
for about $1.10.”

Diner: Danielle Melfi, ’13

Eating in: Paris, France

On her plate: “The macaroons here are incredible,” she said, describing the small, circular, cake-like desserts filled with flavored jelly. “Caramel is my favorite!”

Other favorites: Crepes—especially egg, ham, and cheese and banana with Nutella

Diner: Rachel Williams, ’13 (above, right)

Eating in: Florence, Italy

On her plate: “The thing about Italy and living with a host mom who’s a great cook is that every meal is an amazing one. You think she’s done it all and the next thing you know she’s surprising you with yet another delicious dish. However, the best meal had to be in Cinque Terre at a place called Marina Piccola. The region is known for its seafood and olive oil. Naturally, I ordered mussels and clams over linguini with a light olive oil sauce. One word—unreal!”

Diner: Elizabeth Walton, ’13

Eating in: Cork, Ireland

On her plate: Homemade scones with homemade raspberry jam and cream, prepared during a cooking class at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland

Thoughts on Irish cooking: “Although people may not believe it, Ireland has some of the most exquisite food I have ever eaten, especially in Cork, which is the food capital of Ireland.”

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