All in the Family

Four sons and their wives are inspired to match their parents’ gift to Loyola

By Courtney Jolley  |  Photograph by Tom Nycz

Joseph and Patricia Spillane’s history of giving to Loyola dates back a long time, to their second son John’s, ’97, first days as student in the early 1990s. Their commitment to the University continued during Timothy, ’99, and Michael’s, ’04, years at Loyola, and grew stronger when each of their sons, including Joseph, Jr., who attended Colgate University, married Loyola graduates (Robin Batchelor, ’97, Charlene Thomas, ’97, Michelle Ingra, ’99, and Clare Donnelly, ’04).

The Spillane family

Now they are inspiring a new generation of Spillanes to show their support for Loyola. After deciding to make another $50,000 gift to the University, the parents challenged their sons and their spouses to come together to match it. All agreed without reservation. The gift establishes the Spillane Family Scholarship, which supports students with financial need.

“I want our family to feel as I do—that you should support what you believe in and give back to the places that helped you get where you are today,” said Joseph Spillane, Sr., a Bronxville, N.Y., resident, who serves as president and chief executive officer of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Services LLC. “They all felt strongly about it. It was a family decision that didn’t take long to agree upon.”

In addition to their immediate family, several nieces and nephews attend or have attended Loyola. The Spillanes want to be sure future Loyola students are able to have the same positive experiences.

“They matured at Loyola to become the confident people they are today and learned what they needed to be successful in the future,” Spillane remembers. “They were able to go on and launch happy and productive lives, and Pat and I feel Loyola was a very important part of that.”

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