Haig Family Gift to Benefit Science, Faith, and Culture

$1 million gift will establish Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Endowment Fund

By Carl Luty  |  Photo by David Rehor

Rev. Frank Haig, S.J., professor emeritus of physics, brings a refreshing perspective to higher education. And he defends his view fiercely, his voice rising, his passion evident. “We too often think of a great university as a place where the faculty inspires students. And that does happen, of course. But we need to remember that the reverse is equally true. Students inspire their professors! They motivate us. They energize us. The energy of Loyola students, their enthusiasm, their devotion to scientific inquiry uplift us and renew us. And that’s what a great university is all about.”

Fr. Haig adds that if you want to see this process in action, the place to be is in the midst of the Hauber Fellowship Program, in which students work side by side with faculty, conducting experiments and exploring scientific mysteries.

This view of education, of students, and of the excitement of scientific discovery explains Fr. Haig’s pride in the establishment of the Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Endowment Fund for Science, Faith, and Culture at Loyola. This $1 million gift will fortify a variety programs, most notably in the natural sciences. And it will help Hauber Scholars by providing funds to help them with living expenses and reduce their reliance on grants.

Fr. Haig has no doubt that his late brother, who served his country as both a distinguished military commander and as U.S. Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan, would see this gift as a continuation of his legacy of service. “Al believed,” said Fr. Haig, “that the Catholic faith and Jesuit values have a powerful impact on our young people and, through them, on our national welfare. He would see this gift as an investment in the health of our nation.”

Fr. Haig, who last year celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his ordination, believes that the Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Endowment will enable Loyola to attract even better students. The result, he said, is that “we’ll attract even better faculty. We’ll get more students who inspire us. And that’s where faculty want to be—on a campus where they are among students who bring out the best in them.”

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  • Posted by John Puccio '94 | April 28, 2011

    It was so great to read this and learn that Father Haig is still going strong. As time passes, few classes stand out in memory, but his was one I will never forget. I feel lucky to have been one of his students and I wish him continued health and happiness.

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