A Golden Anniversary Gift

Sheridan Foundation endows new scholarship for Loyola students

By Courtney Jolley, MBA '10  |  Photo by Larry Canner

John Sinclair (left) stands with Grace Buckley, '16, recipient of the Sheridan Foundation scholarship, and Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., Loyola's president, at the Scholarship Appreciation Dinner on April 18.

For a half-century, the Thomas B. and Elizabeth M. Sheridan Foundation has been one of Baltimore’s most generous philanthropic organizations, supporting a host of institutions that help make the city’s educational and cultural life so vibrant.

In recent years, though, the foundation has significantly curtailed its grants to colleges and universities, focusing its educational grants instead on independent Baltimore area middle and high schools, where the foundation’s trustees feel the need for support is greatest.

With one exception: Loyola University Maryland received a $300,000 gift from the foundation in December 2012 to endow a new merit scholarship.

“The foundation and my family have a great fondness for Loyola,” said John Sinclair, who became president of the foundation in 2010, succeeding his late father, James Sinclair, and uncle Thomas M. Sheridan, who previously served as the first two presidents of the foundation, which was founded by John’s great grandparents in 1962.

“We believe Loyola fills a great niche in the community, and that it punches above its weight class when it comes to the rich diversity of programs it offers for a university of its size. My great grandfather and Uncle Tom were Loyola trustees, my Uncle Larry was a Loyola graduate, and my father used to help out with the University’s fundraising efforts. He received Loyola’s President’s Medal in 2006, and for years it hung in his home. Now, it’s on display in our office.”

The Sheridan Foundation has made an annual gift in support of scholarship resources for many years.

“We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2012, and decided that was the opportune time to expand the gift and endow a scholarship recognizing my great grandparents and Uncle Tom,” Sinclair said.

The foundation put little constraint on the gift, allowing the University to award the scholarship to a student of its choosing.

“All of the schools we work with have expressed the need for more scholarship assistance, especially given the financially difficult times families have experienced in recent years,” said Sinclair. “We hope this scholarship helps attract talented students of all backgrounds to Loyola.”

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