An Alumnus in Love

Bequest from Gants, ’50, reflects his affection for faith-based education

By Carl Luty  |  Photograph by John Davis - Wonderful Machine
John and Clarice

When you talk to John Gants, ’50, the word you’ll hear most often is “Clarice.” He glows when he mentions her name, lights up when he tells you that in less than two years, they’ll celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. And he is quick to announce, “She is as beautiful today as the day I met her.”

No matter where the conversation steers, it always comes back to Clarice— and the values they share. Religious conviction is their anchor. For an outgoing couple, gregarious, full of joy, the Gantses are oddly quiet about their faith. But while they say little, they’re doing a lot. When they recently wrote their will, they stipulated that their million-dollar-plus estate will be divided equally among the Catholic institutions that have meant so much to them.

“Our will,” John said, “is our way of giving back to God and to Baltimore’s Catholic community.”

John’s faith—honed from his grade school days at St. Rita’s in Dundalk and his secondary education at Baltimore’s Mount St. Joseph High School—carried him through his studies at Loyola and three tough seasons as a Greyhound soccer goalie. And it gave him fortitude when he took on a task that brings his pride bursting to the surface—his role as co-founder, in 1970, of the Towson Golf and Country Club.

“We succeeded,” said Gants, “by fighting our way through a maze of resistance. We refused to give up.”

A refusal to give up stands as one of the many values that John and Clarice have shared for six decades. Today, their unwavering faith finds expression in their membership in St. Ursula Parish in Parkville. And they are doing all they can to demonstrate their gratitude to the institutions that have sustained that faith and enriched their relationship.

Loyola University Maryland is proud to be among the Baltimore institutions that will share in the legacy of John Gants and his beloved Clarice.

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